What’s a Sick Day

As a single mother of two young boys and a Sailor in the U.S.  Navy, I have a lot of different experiences in a day.

MY FAVORITE THING is when a mother has so much to do that she can’t have a sick day. I literally left work for lunch yesterday because my stomach was hurting and I couldn’t leave the bathroom the entire time I was home. I called my boss to tell him that I was not coming back and within 5 minutes the elementary school called to tell me to grab my son.

So here I am, in a shitty situation (literally) but I have to suck it up because its MOMMY TO THE RESCUE! [insert superwoman flying here]

I go to the school to pick up the oldest child, Ky,  and he is knocked out in the nurse‘s office and I immediately knew he was sick. So I ask the nurse to take his temperature (because she hadn’t yet) and the temperature was 101. Go figure. Baby is sick. So we go home and I am now the nurse.

Now do not get me wrong, I LOVE BEING A MOM. One of my greatest accomplishments by far. But sometimes a break would be nice. A full day to be able to lounge around and run to the bathroom uninterrupted to take care of some personal things would be nice.

But I guess I’ll wait until the little one is 18 and graduates. So 18 years to go.

[grabs glass of wine] Here’s to making beautiful memories until then!


2 thoughts on “What’s a Sick Day

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