Maintaining the Me


In February 2015 I became a mother of two.

So now here I am with two handsome kids and a house that’s never clean. That’s all fine and dandy I’ll clean it eventually, one room at a time.

But nearing the end of the year I noticed that my sanity was compromised. I was actually going crazy. The kids were good, the house was good, but I was not good. I was falling apart. No energy, no fun, no happiness outside of my kids.

As a mom it’s very easy to put yourself on the back burner and it’s very easy to take care of everyone else and get to yourself whenever you have the time (it’s never).

Now I looked up some statistics and I was gonna insert them right here but really it doesn’t matter. The fact is, after having kids more mothers than not tend to lose their sense of self and lose a bit of their personal happiness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I set a new year’s resolution (cheesy right) to focus on myself. That doesn’t mean I’m taking focus off of my kids, cuz that’s impossible, but it means I am making it a priority to give myself a little extra attention. (I deserve it)
So…I started on a vision board, bought a few lipsticks and new dresses (no where to wear them yet, but they’re there), a few new leggings, and an adult coloring book.

Adult coloring books are all the rave right now. And I totally see why.

Every night, after the kids are sleep, I make myself a cup of tea (or a glass of wine), sit on my couch, turn on some tv show, grab my colored pencils and my coloring book and I go to town. I’m telling you it’s a great way to unwind, decompress and reset for the next day and its low energy. The worst thing that happens is my hand gets a cramp.

But really I encourage everyone to take a moment to reconnect with yourself because it really can be easy to forget whether you’re a single parent or in a relationship. But it’s very necessary to maintain your sanity and it’ll help with your momming too!
[Grabs glass of wine] here’s to maintaining the you!


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