Pinterest WIN


There are innumerable photos of meals, bead projects, paintings, games and DIY household items that look GREAT on Pinterest. But really, in the words of Sweet Brown “ain’t nobody got time for that”. Like seriously, who really has the time to do all of this stuff.

But this past weekend I figured, I don’t have time to do ALL of this stuff, but how about I just try one and see how it goes.

So I went onto Pinterest, chose an art project for the kids, went to the store, bought the supplies and VOILA…the craziness began.

For a little background I have a chatty yet pleasant 5.5 year old Ky and a violently active, newly walking, curious, bundle of joy 11.5 month old Max. They both came with energy to the 10th power. It’s fun, but it’s crazy. Needless to say it was an adventure (that’s what I like to call things when I know they won’t go as planned)

Ok, first things first, I got the idea for this project from a Pinterest user’s blog and you can find it here.

Step1: I bought a pack of two 16x20in Canvases from Wal-Mart for about $7, a pack of acrylic paint about $8 (although i found out later that they have cheaper ones for like $.50), cheap paint brushes, painter’s tape and shower curtain liners to line the ground.

Step 2: Prep the paint and use the painter’s tape to outline my design.

Step 3: Give them the paint and let them do their thing.

Nowat this point Max was in his high chair (because I figured it was a good idea to keep him contained) and the first thing he did when he got the paint on his hands was put it in his mouth (he is fine, I promise). I don’t know why I didn’t think about him doing that, but after getting him cleaned up he painted for maybe 2 seconds before flipping out.

Kymani on the other hand, was into his work. He was painting a master piece. No worries over there.

After failing at calming Max down, I moved him to the ground to get a little more involved in his painting. He did, for a bit.

Max took a little more attention than Ky because he didn’t quite get the concept of painting so I helped him by showing him how to spread the paint a few times and he pretty much did the rest on his own.

Once they were done I set the paintings to the side to dry for about an hour and then removed the painters tape.

The results were so lovely and I felt so proud. I had my first Pinterest WIN!

The paintings were originally supposed to go in their rooms, but I loved them so much that I put them up in my living room . They fit perfectly.


The feeling I felt once the paintings were complete, and even the fun we had and memories we made during the painting, were like no other. I’m definitely looking forward to our next “adventure”.

One great thing about parenthood is that you get to constantly learn. You learn new things about yourself, new things about your kids and new things about being your own individual parent every day.It’s surely a blessing.

So the next time you’re scrolling through Pinterest, type in activities with kids, pin some stuff and make it a priority to try at least one of those things, one day soon. There are so many ideas for every age. You may be surprised with the outcome.

[Grabs glass of wine] Here’s to creating your own Pinterest Win!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest WIN

  1. I love it I may have to try this project. Nothing ever goes as we plan in our heads. But we have to try anyway even though we know we will have a mess to clean up lol!!! Great job in your Pinterest win!!!!


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