The Travelling Adventure


Ok so I dreeeeaaaadddd flying with my kids, but it is something that has to be done because we’ve got places to go; people to see.

Kymani, 5, flew for the first time at 8 months from San Diego to Atlanta. I put him in a sleeper, packed a back pack with snacks and fun things play with and we were on our way. Smooth flying. Maxwell, 1, flew for the first time around the same age, I took the same precautions because they worked like a charm the first time and got horribly different results. Max was not an easy flyer. He does not like to be restricted from moving freely, he does not like to sit still and the person in front of us always has the most interesting hair that is dying be touched and tugged  at.

That being said, our recent trip to Hawaii was one to remember.

One big perk about being in the military is space a flights. SpaceA: flights are put out only 72 hours in advance, you basically fly stand by and hope to get a spot on the flight to your destination. Flights can get cancelled or delayed at any time, so you fly at your own risk.

I decided to use a spaceA flight for our trip to Hawaii to save money. It worked perfectly. The worst part was the 6 hour flight that Max was not feeling. We left about 30 minutes late so we were sitting in our seats for that time, and Max was losing his mind! Finally the plane started to move and he became interested in what was going on outside for like two seconds and then was immediately irritated again. After giving him a bottle and a few snacks he calmed down and finally went to sleep. But this was a 6 hour fight so of course that only lasted for so long. Luckily when he woke back up he was in a much better mood.

He began to play with the guys next to us and behind us (and pulling the lady in front’s hair) and it made the time go by a bit faster. Kymani being the great traveller that he is was chilling in his seat, playing his game, eating his snacks and sleeping with no problems. I think it’s important to mention that Kymani is a West African name, meaning adventurous traveller, so he was named accordingly (mom win).


Upon our arrival in Oahu, Hawaii, Max’s dad greeted us with leis, which was super special, and after quickly passing him the baby our wonderful vacation began.

Travelling with kids is the difficult part but reaching your destination usually makes it worth every bit of trouble. It definitely did in  our case.


[Grabs a glass of wine] Here’s to having the same optimism on the flight back!



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