Adulting a Bit

Disclaimer: I began writing this on the actual Valentine’s day, but you know, life happened and here I am posting almost a week later.

It’s Valentine’s Day and everyone is posting smiling pictures, roses, chocolates, pictures of food meanwhile I’m riding in a shakey F-150 with the man friend and the kids drooling in the back seat.


Seriously though, this is the wind down from beautiful 4-day weekend with the family.

No gifts were given this year but I wasn’t even upset because I feel like I got one of the greatest gifts of all, TIME.

A little background about myself. I’m a little bit (very little) of a spoiled brat and I like to get my way and my attention. Since having kids I’ve taken a hit on just about both of those things. And it’s ok because they need the attention now and I’m cool with that. But every now and then it’s nice to get some special attention.

Friday we spent the morning relaxing after breakfast until we decided to go to the beach for the evening. The beach was beautiful with perfect waves and warm water and a nice breeze. As Mike and Ky enjoyed the water, Max and I sat on the sand and ate Mexican food. Max simultaneously throwing sand onto his hair, face and entire body.

On Saturday we went to eat at a diner. The food was delicious. They put rice with everything and I get down with some rice lol. Later that evening after dropping the kids off at a friend’s house, the adults adulted. Now I’ve been out a few times since Max was born but not on a nice, couples outing with other couples.  So our dinner at the hibachi grill on Valentine’s Day eve was really nice and terribly over due. After dinner and our goodbyes, the two of us stayed out to explore the Waikiki nightlife and each other’s company sans kids.

The next day before picking up the kids, we enjoyed  breakfast at arguably one of the best spots in Hawaii (according to me) called Eggs n Things and the vibe was just beautiful. My only issue with that place was that they asked me if I wanted an extra plate to share my waffle. Ummm, no. He didn’t order this waffle, he gets no waffle. Other than that, no complaints.


After grabbing the kids it was back to mom and popping and I couldn’t have been more satisfied.

It feels good to step out and adult a bit without the kids, but you know, you always want time away for your self but as soon as the kids are gone all you can think about is how and what they are doing. But that’s the thing about being a parent.


[Grabs a glass of wine] Just because


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