The Never Ending Story

Having a child has a way of changing your life completely.

You used to only focus on yourself and your significant other if you have one. Now there is this tiny person who requires the majority of your attention and you don’t mind giving it to them, no questions asked. You used to not want gross things to be any where near you, now you scientifically observe poop to make sure your child is feeling alright. You used to not be able to stand throw up, now your initial response is to catch your child’s throw up in your hand. It’s disgusting and weird and…well…great.

Being a parent is great. No doubt about it. But HARD.

You don’t get much sleep, or time to eat, or free time or adult time. But somehow you are still interested and still get up and do it each and every day. The house may not always be clean, the dishes may not always be washed, your hair might have food in it, your clothes may be stained and your go-to outfit may be leggings and a t-shirt but somehow you keep it going every day.

Now I learned every aforementioned thing after having my first son in 2010, but that could have never prepared me for having my second son last year. I mean imagine all of that stuff to the tenth power.

Max (the baby) is a different breed of baby. I’m talking stubborn, persistent, determined, bullheaded, dangerous and smart. That’s a pretty killer combination. So it gets pretty interesting around the house. He knows how to open the safety gate to the stairs and climbs up them without fault, tips over the trash can, puts his hands in the toilet, eats toilet paper if it’s down low enough and the other day he very nonchalantly walked off of my bed even though I know for a fact that he knows the correct way to climb off of high things. He just walked. I wish there was a camera so I could show you how nonchalantly he walked off of that bed. And I was standing a little ways away but I didn’t really think he was going to do it and then bam, tears.

The list gets crazier but that is definitely enough.

Ky is a little different. He asks a lot of questions but for the most part, he’s good on his own. And let me not forget, super helpful. Once I get him washing dishes I’m gonna be good to go.

Anyways today I decided that I wanted to make lasagna roll-ups for dinner. And Ky was being whiny today because he clearly needed a nap and Max was being his normal self. But I managed to make my roll-ups, feed everyone, give the baby a bath, pick out pj’s, talk to my boyfriend, clean the living room, start a little work for a class I’m taking all before 8. Then when I finally made my plate, I was like “Man, I’ve done a lot today, this is not easy”. And that’s why I decided to type. Because I know I am not the only one doing it. Whether you are married or not it is not an easy task. I have a friend with four kids (I’m talking about you Z) and she makes it look so easy. And it may actually be that easy for her, but at the end of the day, when you collapse on that couch, you are just grateful you made it through another day. And grateful that you got the kids through too.

A lot of times parents don’t think about the hard work that they put in each day. It’s just natural to get it done. But really being a parent and a good parent in general, takes a lot of work. And having more that one is just you being blessed double.

I know a lot of great moms (yup, I’m talking about you ladies) and parents in general. And I just want you to know that you’re a bada**, even though you have those bags under your eyes, you haven’t showered yet from your workout and you can’t find a sitter so you can get that massage. But keep it up because one day your kid will grow up to be great parents just like you.

[Grabs a glass of wine] Here’s to you! Keep it up!


One thought on “The Never Ending Story

  1. Greetings Yasmine.! Thanks for sharing. After having 3 boys I totally know where you coming from. Wouldn’t change having that experience for anything. … keep it going mama.

    Marian Hamilton Atlanta, GA


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