This is my Normal

Currently Maxwell is upstairs in his room, in his crib, fighting his sleep like it is the plague and Kymani is practicing his handwriting. Meanwhile I decided to continue clCrazy meeaning, which I have been trying to do for the last three days.

There are school supplies on the kitchen table and legos tearing up my feet, and although I don’t recall feeding anyone anything red this week, a red spot has made its way onto the living room carpet that was just cleaned Monday.

I have not yet decided what will be for dinner, but based on the last few hours, it’s looking like a pizza night.

Parenting is a never ending story of planned chaos. And by planned chaos I mean you plan to have chaos but don’t really know what kind of chaos that specific day will bring.

The thing about being a parent is that the chaos becomes your normal. Without it, you would be ok for a while but then you will be searching for some more chaos to take its place. A spa day here and there would be a nice break (or a nice little vacation) but getting back to t2he chaos is always a good feeling. Actually there are mixed feelings involved. Conflicting feelings if you will.

No matter the craziness that each day brings the joy of being a parent over powers it in the greatest of ways.  Your beautiful little purple minion child, at the very least, assists you in expressing your emotions and exhibiting calm and patient reactions to situations that would not normally call for them.

And I don’t know about you guys, but every day I pray and hope and wish that Im doing this parenting thing right, and that my boys grow up to be wonderful men, loving husbands and guiding fathers.

[Grabs a glass of wine] Here’s to your chaotic normal!



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