Just a Regular Mom with Limited Funds

On my quest to becoming the greatest, most interesting, most famous and richest blogger ever, I decided to take to the streets (the google streets that is) and see what mom bloggers were blogging about. During my research I saw colorful photos of very thought out play areas, delicately prepared meals and intricate do-it-yourself projects with and without the kids.

But the truth is, in the words of Sweet Brown, Ain’t nobody got time for that!

That is not my reality. That is not how I live. I don’t have time to cook delicate meals, I’m lucky if I remember to throw the food in the crock pot. I don’t come home from work ready to do arts and crafts; it’s dinner, homework, bed.  I don’t have any areas of my home that are clean enough to take cute, colorful pictures. And I don’t have money to redecorate.

My reality is CHAOS!

I work full-time, go to school online and have two kids to care for. Not easy. And not the hardest either. So here is a list of a few things that I found to make it easier for myself.  Feel free to judge me, nothing will change, I’m set in my ways. But also, feel free to comment on some ways that have made it easier for you as a mom (or dad). Because whether you’re in a one or two parent home; whether one parent works or both parents work; the reality of it is KIDS ARE HARD WORK!

  1. SET TIME ASIDE FOR YOURSELF – It is ok to send the kids with someone for a day or two or a couple of hours so that you can get a massage, eat a meal alone, get your nails done, go to the gym, or just be in the house and walk around naked without hearing someone screaming “MOM”. Don’t feel bad. They will be fine.
  2. FIND A GROUP THAT HAS YOUR SAME INTERESTS- The best thing that happened to me recently was finding a group of moms who work out right in front of the playground while the kids are playing. Sometimes the kids come over and get in on the action but hey, they need some exercise too. Find a group that has your same interests. Meetup let’s you find groups of people near you with your same hobbies and interests.
  3. MAKE FRIENDS WHO HAVE KIDS THE SAME AGE THAT YOU DON’T MIND BEING AROUND- Let’s start by saying, I have an issue with people in my personal space, especially because it’s usually a mess. But if you find some ladies who you don’t mind being in your personal junky space and you have kids the same age YOU ARE WINNING.
  4. HIRE SOMEONE (if you can manage it)- My grandmother told me that sometimes you just have to have someone come in and pick up the slack. If you’re having a hard time getting your house under control, hire a cleaning service. If you can’t find time to meal prep so that you lose that last bit of weight, hire a meal prep company.  Thumbtack is a wonderful site to find small businesses near you that can provide exactly what you’re looking for.
  5. EAT- Sometimes I have a hard time remembering to eat until I feel like I’m on my death bed once the kids are asleep. Make sure you eat something. And try to make them healthy choices.
  6. DON’T THINK OF YOUR KID(S) AS A HINDRANCE- Every moment with the kids is very special. To you and to them. Sometimes I catch myself looking on social media and thinking “well that looks like fun, if I didn’t have the kids right now I could probably be doing that too”. It is almost always however counteracted by me loading the kids in the car and going to do something fun with them. There is so much out there for kids. Children’s Museums, water parks, indoor rock climbing, trampoline parks, hikes, trails and especially your regular parks. Make the most out of it while they’re young. Once they get older you’ll be wishing they wanted to hang out with you.
  7. REMEMBER EVERY DAY IS AN ADVENTURE!- One day when your kids have kids they’re going to remember the way that you treated them and all the good times you had together. So keep it interesting, give them good memories. Even if it’s just laying a blanket outside, laying down and looking up at the clouds. Kids are fascinated by the smallest of things.

At the moment those seem like the best and most doable pieces of information that have been useful for me in my 6.5 years of being a parent. Don’t worry about all the extras. The moms on the blogs probably don’t have it all together either but it sure looks like it. Do your best. When it comes down to it I’m just a regular schmegular girl from Atlanta (Cardi B reference), I’m just trying to make the best of my reality.


5 thoughts on “Just a Regular Mom with Limited Funds

  1. Absolutely love this blog!!!! I love your attitude towards it and I agree with you 100 percent lol I like the hiring a cleaning company I need to try that one day
    Good job on this blog yas I’m so very proud of you instead of complaining other dreading on it you bring out the positivity in the situation and that’s what I love the most. Attitude is truly everything. Are there days that you feel like blahhhh oh absolutely but one thing I’ve found to work for me is rechargingmy battery by doing something for me. It can be anything. Because you need to be well taken care of first before u start taking care of the rest of the clan! Meal prep has saved my life….. and I’m glad you are doing it (: kill it mama❤


  2. Love the blog Yas! Love that Meetup website (they also cover South Africa!). YES to time alone and hiring occasional help. If you can swing it can truly change your life (and attitude!). All of these tips were golden really but I especially appreciated the last two. So much of the parenthood thing lies in the attitude and I needed that reminder this week. So thanks for that!


  3. love your blog Yaz! This is really, really, good advice. Wish someone had told me early these things and I would have had more fun with the girls. Although we did have alot of fun, i’m trying to still do the things you said above after oh just 17 whole years of parenting. I think your an awesome mom yaz keep up the great work, becasue it is work, but it will pay off when there great men one day!

    love your aunti,



  4. Love what you had to say Yaz and it is soooooo true! I’m still having to remind myself of the stuff you said above after 17 years of parenting. Looking up at the clouds is cool! I was just dancing crazy to songs in the driveway with Sajdah, it was so much fun! You have alot of wisdom girl, wish I knew then what I know now……enjoy them when they are young cuz boy do time flies…… mom of a a college student and high school student. WHAT!!!! When did they grow up??? It’s all worth it in the end. Your an awesome mom yaz, keep up the great work in raising those young men!


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