A Moment of Bliss

This morning, I got kicked in the face while waking up Ky and contents that were supposed to stay inside of Max’s pamper had somehow made their way out.

But last night though!

Last night I watched a whole movie and ate four freshly baked (out of the package lol) chocolate chip cookies with my legs folded on the couch while wearing an oversized t shirt and sweats…alone and uninterrupted.

Granted I was woken up about 4 times afterwards to night terrors, the need for water and two trips to the restroom. But let us not forget the cookies, the movie and my sweats.

It’s amazing the things you find joy in doing while the kids are asleep. Movies, cookies, candy, sleep haha.  I mean we all know kids keep you busy, so sometimes just sitting and staring at the ceiling listening to the silence in my house makes my night.

And even though I was terrified and had to turn on a couple of lights to make it through the movie, I am grateful for the ability to have the time to watch a movie and be scared in the first place. Especially since I can’t tell you the last time I didn’t fall asleep during a movie.

The point here is with all the things mothers and parents in general go through, whether scheduled or non-scheduled, often or far and few between, that moment of bliss where you have just a snippet of time to yourself can make all the difference.

*grabs wine (because I have the time) Here’s to you and your moment of bliss.


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