The Ups, The Downs, The All Arounds – A Year in Review

I didn’t even realize until someone brought it to my attention, but I have had this blog going on one year now.

I wrote my first post in January and, although there are a few months sprinkled in where I probably had writer’s block or wrote five drafts and then trashed them all, I’ve written a post almost every month.

Most ‘year in reviews’ that I looked at to get ideas from mentioned posts from the past year that they wanted people to remember or think back on. Since I don’t feel like I really have enough to be reminiscing about like that, we’re just going to look at some lessons learned and memories made.

2016! Wow! The year that Maxwell learned to talk back and Kymani started 1st grade.

The year that I turned 27 and decided to start a blog.

The year when I started lifting weights but didn’t change my diet so I got more muscle-ey and didn’t lose my gut.

The year where I finally squatted enough to be able to say that baby had a little back.

The year that I tried a poké bowl for the first time and initially had my nose turned up in disgust and then went back every day for at least two weeks for more.

The year that I failed one of the easiest classes because I took it for granted and then took it again, after paying money I didn’t have, and got a B.

The year that I was a bridesmaid for two friend’s beautiful weddings and had the time of my life.

The year where I lost a beautiful friend to cancer.

The year that was amazing and emotional and spiritual and eye-opening and… well…almost over.

I learned a lot and that is what the years are for. Learning. Growing. Self-improvement. I know what not to do next year and what to do a little more of.

I know that I need to love deeper, because you never know when someone will enter or exit your life.

I know that I need to try a little harder because I have 2 little boys just waiting to see what my next move is going to be.

I know that I need to pat backs a little longer because they’re not going to be this small forever and yell a little less because he’s not trying to get ready in slow motion on purpose he just really isn’t that fast in the morning.

I know that I need to make more lists and take more breaks and drink more wine. Ok maybe I don’t NEED to do that one but it sounds really nice right now.

The year has come and gone and I am ready for what the new year has to bring, I mean I hope it’s not too crazy, but bring it on!

I want to thank everyone for your support through the first year of my blog and I hope to write more in the next year. I would love to hear your year in review in the comments section, also what you would be interested in seeing from this blog in the next year and I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*Grabs Wine for the last time in 2016 CHEERS!


2 thoughts on “The Ups, The Downs, The All Arounds – A Year in Review

  1. Love your final blog post Yaz! I’d love to see you write about your career as a photo journalist and see more of your photos.


  2. Like I’ve said before you’re a very talented writer. I’m sure by now you know this but I honestly mean it when I say keep up the good work! Sometimes people need to see that other people are dealing with similar situations as them but don’t quite know how to deal with it. With these post I feel like you’re giving that perspective from another point of view. More picture please because pictures tell stories too.


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